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Index of Functions and Macros

This is an index of functions and preprocessor macros that look like functions. For macros that expand to variables or constants, see Index of Variables.

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BEGIN: Start Conditions

debug (C++ only): Cxx

LexerError (C++ only): Cxx
LexerInput (C++ only): Cxx
LexerOutput (C++ only): Cxx
lineno (C++ only): Cxx

set_debug (C++ only): Cxx
switch_streams (C++ only): Cxx

yyFlexLexer constructor (C++ only): Cxx
yyget_debug: Reentrant Functions
yyget_extra: Extra Data
yyget_extra: Reentrant Functions
yyget_in: Reentrant Functions
yyget_leng: Reentrant Functions
yyget_lineno: Reentrant Functions
yyget_out: Reentrant Functions
yyget_text: Reentrant Functions
YYLeng (C++ only): Cxx
yylex (C++ version): Cxx
yylex (reentrant version): Bison Bridge
yylex (reentrant version): Bison Bridge
yylex_destroy: Init and Destroy Functions
yylex_init: Init and Destroy Functions
yypop_buffer_state: Multiple Input Buffers
yypush_buffer_state: Multiple Input Buffers
yyrestart: User Values
yyset_debug: Reentrant Functions
yyset_extra: Extra Data
yyset_extra: Reentrant Functions
yyset_in: Reentrant Functions
yyset_lineno: Reentrant Functions
yyset_out: Reentrant Functions
yytables_destroy: Loading and Unloading Serialized Tables
yytables_fload: Loading and Unloading Serialized Tables
YYText (C++ only): Cxx
YY_AT_BOL: Misc Macros
yy_create_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_delete_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_flush_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_new_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
YY_NEW_FILE (now obsolete): EOF
yy_pop_state: Start Conditions
yy_push_state: Start Conditions
yy_scan_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_scan_bytes: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_scan_string: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_set_bol: Misc Macros
yy_set_interactive: Misc Macros
yy_switch_to_buffer: Multiple Input Buffers
yy_top_state: Start Conditions

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