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Memory leak - 16386 bytes allocated by malloc.

UPDATED 2002-07-10: As of flex version 2.5.9, this leak means that you did not call yylex_destroy(). If you are using an earlier version of flex, then read on.

The leak is about 16426 bytes. That is, (8192 * 2 + 2) for the read-buffer, and about 40 for struct yy_buffer_state (depending upon alignment). The leak is in the non-reentrant C scanner only (NOT in the reentrant scanner, NOT in the C++ scanner). Since flex doesn’t know when you are done, the buffer is never freed.

However, the leak won’t multiply since the buffer is reused no matter how many times you call yylex().

If you want to reclaim the memory when you are completely done scanning, then you might try this:

/* For non-reentrant C scanner only. */
yy_init = 1;

Note: yy_init is an "internal variable", and hasn’t been tested in this situation. It is possible that some other globals may need resetting as well.