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10.1.1 C++ Bison Interface

The C++ deterministic parser is selected using the skeleton directive, ‘%skeleton ""’, or the synonymous command-line option See Decl Summary.

When run, bison will create several entities in the ‘yy’ namespace. Use the ‘%define api.namespace’ directive to change the namespace name, see api.namespace. The various classes are generated in the following files:


The definition of the classes position and location, used for location tracking when enabled. These files are not generated if the %define variable api.location.type is defined. See C++ Location Values.


An auxiliary class stack used by the parser.


(Assuming the extension of the grammar file was ‘.yy’.) The declaration and implementation of the C++ parser class. The basename and extension of these two files follow the same rules as with regular C parsers (see Invocation).

The header is mandatory; you must either pass -d/--defines to bison, or use the ‘%defines’ directive.

All these files are documented using Doxygen; run doxygen for a complete and accurate documentation.