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Index of Terms

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Index Entry  Section

$$: Actions
$$: Java Action Features
$$: Action Features
$$: Table of Symbols
$<typealt>$: Java Action Features
$<typealt>$: Action Features
$<typealt>n: Java Action Features
$<typealt>n: Action Features
$@n: Mid-Rule Action Translation
$@n: Table of Symbols
$accept: Table of Symbols
$end: Table of Symbols
$n: Actions
$n: Java Action Features
$n: Action Features
$n: Table of Symbols
$name: Actions
$name: Table of Symbols
$undefined: Table of Symbols
$[name]: Actions
$[name]: Table of Symbols

%%: Java Declarations Summary
%%: Table of Symbols
%?: Semantic Predicates
%?{expression}: Table of Symbols
%code: Prologue Alternatives
%code: Decl Summary
%code: Decl Summary
%code: Decl Summary
%code: %code Summary
%code: %code Summary
%code: %code Summary
%code: Calc++ Parser
%code: Java Declarations Summary
%code: Table of Symbols
%code: Table of Symbols
%code imports: %code Summary
%code imports: Java Declarations Summary
%code init: Java Declarations Summary
%code lexer: Java Declarations Summary
%code provides: Prologue Alternatives
%code provides: Decl Summary
%code provides: %code Summary
%code requires: Prologue Alternatives
%code requires: Decl Summary
%code requires: %code Summary
%code requires: Calc++ Parser
%code top: Prologue Alternatives
%code top: %code Summary
%debug: Decl Summary
%debug: Enabling Traces
%debug: Table of Symbols
%define: Decl Summary
%define: Decl Summary
%define: Decl Summary
%define: Decl Summary
%define: %define Summary
%define: %define Summary
%define: %define Summary
%define: %define Summary
%define: %define Summary
%define: Table of Symbols
%define: Table of Symbols
%define: Table of Symbols
%define: Table of Symbols
%define abstract: Java Declarations Summary
%define annotations: Java Declarations Summary
%define api.location.type: %define Summary
%define api.location.type: User Defined Location Type
%define api.location.type: Java Declarations Summary
%define api.namespace: %define Summary
%define api.namespace: C++ Bison Interface
%define api.position.type: Java Declarations Summary
%define api.prefix: %define Summary
%define api.pure: Pure Decl
%define api.pure: %define Summary
%define api.push-pull: Push Decl
%define api.push-pull: %define Summary
%define api.push-pull: Java Push Parser Interface
%define api.token.constructor: %define Summary
%define api.token.constructor: Calc++ Parser
%define api.token.prefix: %define Summary
%define api.value.type: %define Summary
%define api.value.type: %define Summary
%define api.value.type: Java Declarations Summary
%define api.value.type union: Type Generation
%define api.value.type variant: Calc++ Parser
%define %define Summary
%define extends: Java Declarations Summary
%define final: Java Declarations Summary
%define implements: Java Declarations Summary
%define init_throws: Java Declarations Summary
%define lex_throws: Java Declarations Summary
%define location_type: %define Summary
%define lr.default-reduction: %define Summary
%define lr.default-reduction: Default Reductions
%define lr.default-reduction: Default Reductions
%define lr.keep-unreachable-state: %define Summary
%define lr.keep-unreachable-state: Unreachable States
%define lr.keep-unreachable-state: Unreachable States
%define lr.type: %define Summary
%define lr.type: LR Table Construction
%define lr.type: LR Table Construction
%define package: Java Declarations Summary
%define parse.assert: %define Summary
%define parse.error: %define Summary
%define parse.error: Error Reporting
%define parse.lac: %define Summary
%define parse.lac: LAC
%define parse.lac: LAC
%define parse.trace: %define Summary
%define parse.trace: Enabling Traces
%define parser_class_name: Java Declarations Summary
%define public: Java Declarations Summary
%define strictfp: Java Declarations Summary
%define throws: Java Declarations Summary
%defines: Decl Summary
%defines: Decl Summary
%defines: Table of Symbols
%defines: Table of Symbols
%destructor: Using Mid-Rule Actions
%destructor: Destructor Decl
%destructor: Destructor Decl
%destructor: Destructor Decl
%destructor: Decl Summary
%destructor: Table of Symbols
%dprec: Merging GLR Parses
%dprec: Table of Symbols
%empty: Empty Rules
%empty: Table of Symbols
%error-verbose: Table of Symbols
%expect: Expect Decl
%expect: Decl Summary
%expect-rr: Simple GLR Parsers
%expect-rr: Expect Decl
%file-prefix: Decl Summary
%file-prefix: Table of Symbols
%glr-parser: GLR Parsers
%glr-parser: Simple GLR Parsers
%glr-parser: Table of Symbols
%initial-action: Initial Action Decl
%initial-action: Initial Action Decl
%initial-action: Initial Action Decl
%initial-action: Table of Symbols
%language: Decl Summary
%language: Table of Symbols
%language "Java": Java Declarations Summary
%left: Decl Summary
%left: Using Precedence
%left: Table of Symbols
%lex-param: Pure Calling
%lex-param: Pure Calling
%lex-param: Java Declarations Summary
%lex-param: Table of Symbols
%locations: Decl Summary
%merge: Merging GLR Parses
%merge: Table of Symbols
%name-prefix: Decl Summary
%name-prefix: Java Declarations Summary
%name-prefix: Table of Symbols
%no-lines: Decl Summary
%no-lines: Table of Symbols
%nonassoc: Decl Summary
%nonassoc: Using Precedence
%nonassoc: LR Table Construction
%nonassoc: Default Reductions
%nonassoc: Table of Symbols
%output: Decl Summary
%output: Table of Symbols
%param: Pure Calling
%param: Pure Calling
%param: Table of Symbols
%parse-param: Parser Function
%parse-param: Parser Function
%parse-param: Java Declarations Summary
%parse-param: Table of Symbols
%prec: Contextual Precedence
%prec: Table of Symbols
%precedence: Using Precedence
%precedence: Precedence Only
%precedence: Table of Symbols
%printer: Printer Decl
%printer: Printer Decl
%printer: Printer Decl
%pure-parser: Decl Summary
%pure-parser: Table of Symbols
%require: Require Decl
%require: Decl Summary
%require: Table of Symbols
%right: Decl Summary
%right: Using Precedence
%right: Table of Symbols
%skeleton: Decl Summary
%skeleton: Table of Symbols
%start: Start Decl
%start: Decl Summary
%start: Table of Symbols
%token: Token Decl
%token: Decl Summary
%token: Java Declarations Summary
%token: Table of Symbols
%token-table: Decl Summary
%token-table: Table of Symbols
%type: Type Decl
%type: Decl Summary
%type: Java Declarations Summary
%type: Table of Symbols
%union: Union Decl
%union: Structured Value Type
%union: Decl Summary
%union: Table of Symbols
%verbose: Decl Summary
%yacc: Decl Summary
%{: Java Declarations Summary
%{code%}: Table of Symbols

/*: Table of Symbols
/* … */: Grammar Outline
//: Table of Symbols
// …: Grammar Outline

:: Table of Symbols

;: Table of Symbols

<*>: Destructor Decl
<*>: Printer Decl
<*>: Table of Symbols
<>: Destructor Decl
<>: Printer Decl
<>: Table of Symbols

@$: Actions and Locations
@$: Java Action Features
@$: Action Features
@$: Table of Symbols
@n: Mid-Rule Action Translation
@n: Actions and Locations
@n: Java Action Features
@n: Action Features
@n: Action Features
@n: Table of Symbols
@n: Table of Symbols
@name: Actions and Locations
@name: Table of Symbols
@[name]: Actions and Locations
@[name]: Table of Symbols

|: Rules Syntax
|: Table of Symbols

abstract syntax tree: Implementing Gotos/Loops
accepting state: Understanding
action: Actions
action data types: Action Types
action features summary: Action Features
actions in mid-rule: Mid-Rule Actions
actions in mid-rule: Destructor Decl
actions, location: Actions and Locations
actions, semantic: Semantic Actions
additional C code section: Epilogue
algorithm of parser: Algorithm
ambiguous grammars: Language and Grammar
ambiguous grammars: Generalized LR Parsing
associativity: Why Precedence
AST: Implementing Gotos/Loops

Backus-Naur form: Language and Grammar
begin of location: C++ location
begin of Location: Java Location Values
Bison declaration summary: Decl Summary
Bison declarations: Declarations
Bison declarations (introduction): Bison Declarations
Bison grammar: Grammar in Bison
Bison invocation: Invocation
Bison parser: Bison Parser
Bison parser algorithm: Algorithm
Bison symbols, table of: Table of Symbols
Bison utility: Bison Parser
bison-i18n.m4: Internationalization
bison-po: Internationalization
bisonSkeleton of YYParser: Java Parser Interface
bisonVersion of YYParser: Java Parser Interface
BISON_I18N: Internationalization
BISON_LOCALEDIR: Internationalization
BNF: Language and Grammar
braced code: Rules Syntax
build<T> on semantic_type: C++ Variants
build<T> on semantic_type: C++ Variants

C code, section for additional: Epilogue
C-language interface: Interface
calc: Infix Calc
calculator, infix notation: Infix Calc
calculator, location tracking: Location Tracking Calc
calculator, multi-function: Multi-function Calc
calculator, simple: RPN Calc
canonical LR: Mysterious Conflicts
canonical LR: LR Table Construction
character token: Symbols
column of position: C++ position
columns on location: C++ location
columns on position: C++ position
comment: Grammar Outline
compiling the parser: Rpcalc Compile
conflicts: GLR Parsers
conflicts: Simple GLR Parsers
conflicts: Merging GLR Parses
conflicts: Shift/Reduce
conflicts, reduce/reduce: Reduce/Reduce
conflicts, suppressing warnings of: Expect Decl
consistent states: Default Reductions
context-dependent precedence: Contextual Precedence
context-free grammar: Language and Grammar
controlling function: Rpcalc Main
core, item set: Understanding

dangling else: Shift/Reduce
data type of locations: Location Type
data types in actions: Action Types
data types of semantic values: Value Type
debugging: Tracing
debug_level on parser: C++ Parser Interface
debug_stream on parser: C++ Parser Interface
declaration summary: Decl Summary
declarations: Prologue
declarations section: Prologue
declarations, Bison: Declarations
declarations, Bison (introduction): Bison Declarations
declaring literal string tokens: Token Decl
declaring operator precedence: Precedence Decl
declaring the start symbol: Start Decl
declaring token type names: Token Decl
declaring value types: Type Generation
declaring value types: Union Decl
declaring value types: Structured Value Type
declaring value types, nonterminals: Type Decl
default action: Actions
default data type: Value Type
default location type: Location Type
default reductions: Default Reductions
default stack limit: Memory Management
default start symbol: Start Decl
defaulted states: Default Reductions
deferred semantic actions: GLR Semantic Actions
defining language semantics: Semantics
delayed syntax error detection: LR Table Construction
delayed syntax error detection: Default Reductions
delayed yylex invocations: Default Reductions
discarded symbols: Destructor Decl
discarded symbols, mid-rule actions: Using Mid-Rule Actions
dot: Graphviz

else, dangling: Shift/Reduce
empty rule: Empty Rules
end of location: C++ location
end of Location: Java Location Values
epilogue: Epilogue
error: Error Recovery
error: Table of Symbols
error on parser: C++ Parser Interface
error on parser: C++ Parser Interface
error recovery: Error Recovery
error recovery, mid-rule actions: Using Mid-Rule Actions
error recovery, simple: Simple Error Recovery
error reporting function: Error Reporting
error reporting routine: Rpcalc Error
examples, simple: Examples
exceptions: C++ Parser Interface
exercises: Exercises

file format: Grammar Layout
file of position: C++ position
finite-state machine: Parser States
formal grammar: Grammar in Bison
format of grammar file: Grammar Layout
freeing discarded symbols: Destructor Decl
frequently asked questions: FAQ

generalized LR (GLR) parsing: Language and Grammar
generalized LR (GLR) parsing: GLR Parsers
generalized LR (GLR) parsing: Generalized LR Parsing
generalized LR (GLR) parsing, ambiguous grammars: Merging GLR Parses
generalized LR (GLR) parsing, unambiguous grammars: Simple GLR Parsers
getDebugLevel on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
getDebugStream on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
getEndPos on Lexer: Java Scanner Interface
getErrorVerbose on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
getLVal on Lexer: Java Scanner Interface
getStartPos on Lexer: Java Scanner Interface
gettext: Internationalization
glossary: Glossary
GLR parsers and inline: Compiler Requirements
GLR parsers and yychar: GLR Semantic Actions
GLR parsers and yyclearin: GLR Semantic Actions
GLR parsers and YYERROR: GLR Semantic Actions
GLR parsers and yylloc: GLR Semantic Actions
GLR parsers and YYLLOC_DEFAULT: Location Default Action
GLR parsers and yylval: GLR Semantic Actions
GLR parsing: Language and Grammar
GLR parsing: GLR Parsers
GLR parsing: Generalized LR Parsing
GLR parsing, ambiguous grammars: Merging GLR Parses
GLR parsing, unambiguous grammars: Simple GLR Parsers
GLR with LALR: LR Table Construction
grammar file: Grammar Layout
grammar rule syntax: Rules Syntax
grammar rules section: Grammar Rules
grammar, Bison: Grammar in Bison
grammar, context-free: Language and Grammar
grouping, syntactic: Language and Grammar

Header guard: Decl Summary

i18n: Internationalization
IELR: Mysterious Conflicts
IELR: LR Table Construction
IELR grammars: Language and Grammar
infix notation calculator: Infix Calc
initialize on location: C++ location
initialize on position: C++ position
inline: Compiler Requirements
interface: Interface
internationalization: Internationalization
introduction: Introduction
invoking Bison: Invocation
item: Understanding
item set core: Understanding
item set core: Understanding

kernel, item set: Understanding

LAC: LR Table Construction
LAC: Default Reductions
LALR: Mysterious Conflicts
LALR: LR Table Construction
LALR grammars: Language and Grammar
language semantics, defining: Semantics
layout of Bison grammar: Grammar Layout
left recursion: Recursion
lexical analyzer: Lexical
lexical analyzer, purpose: Bison Parser
lexical analyzer, writing: Rpcalc Lexer
lexical tie-in: Lexical Tie-ins
line of position: C++ position
lines on location: C++ location
lines on position: C++ position
literal string token: Symbols
literal token: Symbols
location: Locations
location: Tracking Locations
location actions: Actions and Locations
location on location: C++ location
location on location: C++ location
location on location: C++ location
Location on Location: Java Location Values
Location on Location: Java Location Values
location tracking calculator: Location Tracking Calc
location, textual: Locations
location, textual: Tracking Locations
location_type: C++ Parser Interface
lookahead correction: LAC
lookahead token: Lookahead
LR: Mysterious Conflicts
LR grammars: Language and Grammar
ltcalc: Location Tracking Calc

main function in simple example: Rpcalc Main
make_token on symbol_type: Complete Symbols
make_token on symbol_type: Complete Symbols
memory exhaustion: Memory Management
memory management: Memory Management
mfcalc: Multi-function Calc
mid-rule actions: Mid-Rule Actions
mid-rule actions: Destructor Decl
multi-function calculator: Multi-function Calc
multicharacter literal: Symbols
mutual recursion: Recursion
Mysterious Conflict: LR Table Construction
Mysterious Conflicts: Mysterious Conflicts

named references: Named References
NLS: Internationalization
nondeterministic parsing: Language and Grammar
nondeterministic parsing: Generalized LR Parsing
nonterminal symbol: Symbols
nonterminal, useless: Understanding

operator precedence: Precedence
operator precedence, declaring: Precedence Decl
operator!= on location: C++ location
operator!= on position: C++ position
operator+ on location: C++ location
operator+ on location: C++ location
operator+ on position: C++ position
operator+= on location: C++ location
operator+= on location: C++ location
operator+= on position: C++ position
operator- on location: C++ location
operator- on position: C++ position
operator-= on location: C++ location
operator-= on position: C++ position
operator<<: C++ position
operator<<: C++ location
operator== on location: C++ location
operator== on position: C++ position
options for invoking Bison: Invocation
overflow of parser stack: Memory Management

parse error: Error Reporting
parse on parser: C++ Parser Interface
parse on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
parser: Bison Parser
parser on parser: C++ Parser Interface
parser stack: Algorithm
parser stack overflow: Memory Management
parser state: Parser States
pointed rule: Understanding
polish notation calculator: RPN Calc
position on position: C++ position
precedence declarations: Precedence Decl
precedence of operators: Precedence
precedence, context-dependent: Contextual Precedence
precedence, unary operator: Contextual Precedence
preventing warnings about conflicts: Expect Decl
printing semantic values: Printer Decl
Prologue: Prologue
Prologue: %code Summary
Prologue Alternatives: Prologue Alternatives
pure parser: Pure Decl
push parser: Push Decl
push parser: Push Decl
push_parse on YYParser: Java Push Parser Interface
push_parse on YYParser: Java Push Parser Interface
push_parse on YYParser: Java Push Parser Interface

questions: FAQ

recovering: Java Action Features
recovering on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
recovery from errors: Error Recovery
recursive rule: Recursion
reduce/reduce conflict: Reduce/Reduce
reduce/reduce conflicts: GLR Parsers
reduce/reduce conflicts: Simple GLR Parsers
reduce/reduce conflicts: Merging GLR Parses
reduction: Algorithm
reentrant parser: Pure Decl
requiring a version of Bison: Require Decl
reverse polish notation: RPN Calc
right recursion: Recursion
rpcalc: RPN Calc
rule syntax: Rules Syntax
rule, empty: Empty Rules
rule, pointed: Understanding
rule, recursive: Recursion
rule, useless: Understanding
rules section for grammar: Grammar Rules
running Bison (introduction): Rpcalc Generate

semantic actions: Semantic Actions
Semantic predicates in GLR parsers: Semantic Predicates
semantic value: Semantic Values
semantic value type: Value Type
semantic_type: C++ Parser Interface
setDebugLevel on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
setDebugStream on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
setErrorVerbose on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
set_debug_level on parser: C++ Parser Interface
set_debug_stream on parser: C++ Parser Interface
shift/reduce conflicts: GLR Parsers
shift/reduce conflicts: Simple GLR Parsers
shift/reduce conflicts: Shift/Reduce
shifting: Algorithm
simple examples: Examples
single-character literal: Symbols
stack overflow: Memory Management
stack, parser: Algorithm
stages in using Bison: Stages
start symbol: Language and Grammar
start symbol, declaring: Start Decl
state (of parser): Parser States
step on location: C++ location
string token: Symbols
summary, action features: Action Features
summary, Bison declaration: Decl Summary
suppressing conflict warnings: Expect Decl
symbol: Symbols
symbol table example: Mfcalc Symbol Table
symbols (abstract): Language and Grammar
symbols in Bison, table of: Table of Symbols
symbol_type on symbol_type: Complete Symbols
syntactic grouping: Language and Grammar
syntax error: Error Reporting
syntax of grammar rules: Rules Syntax
syntax_error: C++ Parser Interface
syntax_error on syntax_error: C++ Parser Interface
syntax_error on syntax_error: C++ Parser Interface

terminal symbol: Symbols
textual location: Locations
textual location: Tracking Locations
token: Language and Grammar
token: C++ Parser Interface
token type: Symbols
token type names, declaring: Token Decl
token, useless: Understanding
toString on Location: Java Location Values
tracing the parser: Tracing

uint: C++ Location Values
unary operator precedence: Contextual Precedence
unreachable states: Unreachable States
useless nonterminal: Understanding
useless rule: Understanding
useless token: Understanding
using Bison: Stages

value type, semantic: Value Type
value types, declaring: Type Generation
value types, declaring: Union Decl
value types, declaring: Structured Value Type
value types, nonterminals, declaring: Type Decl
value, semantic: Semantic Values
version requirement: Require Decl

warnings, preventing: Expect Decl
writing a lexical analyzer: Rpcalc Lexer

xml: Xml

YYABORT: Parser Function
YYABORT: Parser Function
YYABORT: Action Features
YYABORT: Java Action Features
YYABORT: Table of Symbols
YYACCEPT: Parser Function
YYACCEPT: Parser Function
YYACCEPT: Action Features
YYACCEPT: Java Action Features
YYACCEPT: Table of Symbols
YYBACKUP: Action Features
YYBACKUP: Action Features
YYBACKUP: Table of Symbols
yychar: GLR Semantic Actions
yychar: Lookahead
yychar: Action Features
yychar: Table of Symbols
yyclearin: GLR Semantic Actions
yyclearin: Action Features
yyclearin: Error Recovery
yyclearin: Table of Symbols
yydebug: Tracing
YYDEBUG: Enabling Traces
YYDEBUG: Table of Symbols
yydebug: Table of Symbols
YYEMPTY: Action Features
YYENABLE_NLS: Internationalization
YYEOF: Action Features
yyerrok: Action Features
yyerrok: Error Recovery
yyerrok: Table of Symbols
YYERROR: GLR Semantic Actions
yyerror: Error Reporting
YYERROR: Action Features
YYERROR: Java Action Features
yyerror: Java Action Features
yyerror: Java Action Features
yyerror: Java Action Features
YYERROR: Table of Symbols
yyerror: Table of Symbols
yyerror on Lexer: Java Scanner Interface
yyerror on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
yyerror on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
yyerror on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
YYERROR_VERBOSE: Table of Symbols
YYFPRINTF: Enabling Traces
YYFPRINTF: Table of Symbols
YYINITDEPTH: Memory Management
YYINITDEPTH: Table of Symbols
yylex: Lexical
yylex: Table of Symbols
yylex on Lexer: Java Scanner Interface
yylex on parser: Split Symbols
yylex on parser: Split Symbols
yylloc: GLR Semantic Actions
yylloc: Actions and Locations
yylloc: Token Locations
yylloc: Lookahead
yylloc: Action Features
yylloc: Table of Symbols
YYLLOC_DEFAULT: Location Default Action
YYLTYPE: Token Locations
YYLTYPE: Table of Symbols
yylval: GLR Semantic Actions
yylval: Actions
yylval: Token Values
yylval: Lookahead
yylval: Action Features
yylval: Table of Symbols
YYMAXDEPTH: Memory Management
YYMAXDEPTH: Table of Symbols
yynerrs: Error Reporting
yynerrs: Table of Symbols
yyoutput: Printer Decl
yyparse: Parser Function
yyparse: Parser Function
yyparse: Table of Symbols
YYParser on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
YYParser on YYParser: Java Parser Interface
YYPRINT: Table of Symbols
yypstate_delete: Parser Delete Function
yypstate_delete: Parser Delete Function
yypstate_delete: Table of Symbols
yypstate_new: Parser Create Function
yypstate_new: Parser Create Function
yypstate_new: Table of Symbols
yypull_parse: Pull Parser Function
yypull_parse: Pull Parser Function
yypull_parse: Table of Symbols
yypush_parse: Push Parser Function
yypush_parse: Push Parser Function
yypush_parse: Table of Symbols
YYRECOVERING: Error Recovery
YYRECOVERING: Action Features
YYRECOVERING: Action Features
YYRECOVERING: Table of Symbols
YYSTACK_USE_ALLOCA: Table of Symbols
YYSTYPE: Table of Symbols

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